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Offered in Irving
A unique educational experience
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Prog. length
0 hrs
Time to complete
23 weeks FT
27.5 weeks PT
Award upon completion
The Master Makeup Artist class is for those who dream in color and transformation. No previous experience is required. You are taught the basics of beauty makeup applications such as highlighting and contouring, multi-cultural skin tones, eye brow shaping, to the more specialized skills of bridal, editorial photography, airbrushing foundations, aging, freezing, latex and vinyl bald capping, prosthetic applications and customization, the business of becoming a PAID makeup artist. It’s a 6 months of nothing but fun and exciting makeup training.

Module classes are taught by working Artist Instructors who come to teach the specific specialty that made them successful then return to their professional life at the end of the module.

As part Master Makeup Artist course you will learn:


Modules offered separately:

This course is ideal for an artist who is already in the industry but would
like to gain more knowledge and depth in this specialty. The course
includes teaching proper bridal consultations and how to build a bridal
business, makeup for: classic brides, natural brides, modern brides &
creative brides, how to cover a tattoo, how to create a palette of colors
for the bridesmaids and flower girls (youth makeup), mothers of the
bride and groom (mature skin makeup), wedding hairstyling, photography
basics and tips.

Ideal for the makeup artist who wants to thoroughly understand the tips
and techniques of stage makeup for face and body, beauty makeup for stages (musicians and show girls). Glamour makeup for stage (extreme beauty with lashes and other accessories), theatrical makeup for stage (exaggerated glamour and character).

Special makeup FX is an amazing blend of science and art. This course proposes to teach the student how to skillfully create effects that can be used in motion pictures or photo shoots. It deals with simulating sickness, bruising, cuts, scars, bullet wounds and blood, freezing, aging, bald caps, the proper professional application of prosthetics, and facial hair.

Content here

  • Brushes, Tools & Terminology & Techniques
  • Foundations, Concealers and Powders
  • Face shapes & Corrective techniques
  • Highlighting and Contouring
  • Color matching
  • Eyelash application
  • Cheeks and Lips
  • Multicultural Skin tones
  • Creating the perfect brow
  • Learning color theory

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