February 27, 2024

How To Balance Life And Beauty School


Beauty school is an alluring way to start your career in one of several beauty career paths. In one to two short years of hands-on study, you can begin your life by enriching the glamour and natural beauty of the people around you. To reach your goal in this short period, many students throw themselves into an immersive beauty school curriculum. Of course, this introduces the natural challenge that students face to balance the needs of a healthy lifestyle and keep track of a person’s many commitments. 

Anyone seeking to become a cosmetologist, barber, or esthetician can benefit from learning how to achieve work-life balance both during beauty school and in your beauty-inspired career that will soon be unveiled upon graduation.

Understanding the Demands of Beauty School

Attending beauty school, you will be deeply immersed in the curriculum of cosmetology education. Your classes will encompass both traditional study and hands-on learning of the practical skills of cosmetology. In the classroom, you will study the essentials of skincare, safety, regulations, and business management. In the practice salon, you will have the opportunity to learn the practical skills of your chosen beauty career using hands-on methods with fellow students or volunteers. 

You will learn hair styling for men and women, nail artistry, skincare, facial makeup, and may learn a range of health and beauty treatments in alignment with your beauty career path.

Each beauty school program has unique time commitments, often focusing on spending long hours in class to accelerate your career training. The program may balance practical training and theoretical learning or the student may be responsible for carefully balancing the two halves of their beauty school learning.

Time Management Strategies

One of the best ways to succeed in beauty school is to learn a few time management strategies.

  • Create a Realistic Schedule 
    • Make sure that the schedule you build for yourself is one that you can live and achieve each day. Leave time for travel, meals, and rest no matter how enthusiastic you are to complete your coursework.
  • Prioritize Tasks and Assignments
    • Consider carefully which tasks to do first. Prioritize your most urgent or challenging beauty school assignments, but don’t forget to also make time for friends and family.
  • Incorporate Breaks and Self-Care
    • Always make time for self-care. Schedule study breaks and meal breaks for yourself. Give yourself time to unwind on the weekends and prioritize activities that help you relax between classes and personal obligations.

Setting Realistic Goals

Knowing how to set goals for yourself can help you achieve your best performance and feel good about each step you take.

Determine your short-term vs long-term objectives. Consider your daily and weekly goals compared to your yearly goals and how to feel accomplished in between. It can help to align your goals with program milestones. Study your curriculum and be prepared to achieve when you reach certain points in your beauty school program.

Take time to celebrate your achievements along the way. Congratulate yourself on reaching milestones, on exam scores, and on your practical learning performance.

Building a Support System

You can boost your morale and performance by building a support system of good people around you. Connect with your fellow students in beauty school so you can study together, encourage each other, and work together in hands-on skill training. You can also seek guidance from your instructors and seek mentors among the teaching staff of your beauty school.

It’s also important to connect with your friends and family. Be sure to communicate clearly about your beauty school commitments and plan your personal time around your schedule.

Self-Care Practices

If you want to always feel energetic and fresh, taking care of yourself is a must. Be sure to prioritize your physical well-being as you throw yourself into your studies and plan for your future career. Take time to eat good meals, get plenty of sleep, and even plan the occasional bubble bath. 

Mental and emotional self-care are equally important. Packing your schedule too tight can leave you frazzled even if you are physically healthy. Take time to mentally unwind. Consider practicing meditation and mindfulness or activities that help you mentally unwind.

For both physical and mental well-being, it’s important to take breaks and plan for down-time so you can recharge. 

Effective Study Techniques

For those who are talented in the beauty arts, studying is often the greatest challenge of beauty school. You will need to learn and memorize important facts about skincare, product formulas, and formal techniques along with business management skills. So hone your study techniques.

  • Find the Right Study Environment
    • Everyone has an ideal study environment. Yours may be listening to music, chilling in the commons, or booking a study room in the library. Find the environment where you can focus best.
  • Implement Active Learning Strategies
    • Try out different techniques to actively learn. Use flash cards, online workbooks, or interactive projects with classmates.
  • Use Resources and Support Services
    • Your beauty school will also offer resources and support services that can help you keep studying.

Balancing Work and Beauty School

Many people who enter beauty school already have a job or get a part-time job to assist in setting up their new career. If you work part-time around beauty school, you will need an employer who is willing to work around your class schedule. Freelancing is a little more schedule-friendly because you can set your own hours and work whenever you have time. You may even find opportunities for internships and externships to set up your career path when you finish school and earn your license. 

Utilizing Technology for Organization

We also live in a time with tons of technology available to help organize your school experience. Explore the following tools and find some apps or resources that work best for you.

  • Calendar Apps and Scheduling Tools
  • Productivity Apps for Task Management
  • Online Resources for Beauty School Support

Financial Planning and Budgeting

Finances are an important aspect of both school and career planning. It’s important to manage your beauty school expenses and the necessities of a healthy lifestyle. Create a realistic budget that can help to sustain your routine and financial needs. You can also lower your financial burden for beauty school by exploring *financial aid and scholarships. 

*Financial aid is only available to those who qualify

Handling Stress and Burnout

If you start to experience stress or the risk of burnout, it’s important to carefully take time to unwind and focus on your mental health. You can take a break from studying, spend time with people who relax you and develop helpful coping strategies for stressful periods like exam week. Start by learning the signs of burnout like apathy, mood swings, and persistent health problems. If necessary, seek professional support to help you deal with your stress.

Celebrating Achievements

Last but not least, remember to congratulate yourself. Take time to celebrate your achievements and acknowledge the milestones you reach in beauty school. Go out of your way to reward yourself for your accomplishments and also to congratulate your fellow students. Celebrate together and cultivate a positive mindset for future success. 

Balancing a Healthy Life In Beauty School

Attending beauty school can kick-start your career. You’ll get the most from your time in beauty school when you are energized, focused, and living a life that balances both your educational and personal needs. Embrace the journey of personal and professional growth with Tint School of Makeup and Cosmetology.

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